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News and Notices

UL_DRV 0.6.1 - released
Fixed version of uLan driver behaves correctly with dongle converter. Driver was tested on Win2000, WinNT and Linux with success. Driver works with Win98 but Win98 scheduler blocks interrupts for 8 ms and longer intervals for WDM driver and this causes occasional packet loses.
CHROMuLAN v0.60 - successfully tested
Version was fully tested with AAA-400 Amino Acid Analyzer and LC5000 chromatographic system. There was not noticed any problems through last month .
UL_DRV 0.6.3 - uploaded
This version adds support for latest revision of Tedia PCI-1482 cards with optional inbuilt hardware support for uLan communication. This version has been already used for six months in latest system installations with many instruments configurations without any problems.
CHROMuLAN 0.76.2 - released
This is new stable branch from the development tree. It contains many enhancements and bug-fixes. The buttons for faster chromatogram evaluations, method and calibration files selection have been added to chromatogram window. New file type added (*.ULC) for composed calibrations built as weighted averages of responses from more samples. The calibration file can be initiated as new empty file or can be build from selected samples from the sequence browser. It can be edited and updated later. It is used as external standard calibration in same places as standard sample *.ULF files.
CHROMuLAN 0.79 - released
This is the latest development version which implements such multi-level calibrations computation as line segments or function parameters (linear, quadratic, ...). The version has been tested with AAA-400 and no problems has been found.
UL_DRV 0.7 - released
The uLan driver sources has been reorganized to better reflect driver functional units structure. Initial version of Linux USB support has been added. Petr Smolik contributed USB adaptation layer for Windows. Development has been moved into SourceForge CVS.
CHROMuLAN 0.79.5 - released
This version contains updates and corrections of previous version. It has been released after long testing period and upgrade from older versions is recommended.
CHROMuLAN 0.88-2 - released
This version has been tested on multiple systems and devices setups and is considered for production use now. It support out-of-box automatic recognition and setup capability for ULAD 31 uLan/USB analog to digital converter.
UL_DRV 0.8.1 - released
The ulan driver provides full featured support for USB to uLan converters (including ULAD 31) now. The Windows support has undergone fundamental development, many problems has been fixed and functionality extended for compatibility up to Windows 7. Actual version provides only 32-bit edition support for Windows. But 64-bit works flawlessly under Linux and 64-bit Windows version build is ready for initial tests.
UL_DRV 1.0.0 - released
This version is the first which provides full Windows-64 bit support. The driver signing key purchase and actual driver signing was provided by Agrosoft Tabor which is our partner in the uLAN driver and infrastructure development for many years already.
CHROMuLAN 0.91 - released
The version contains fix of composite calibration for linear origin pass-through mode. The problem manifested when selected directory contains file with length greater than 2 GB has been solved and version is updated and tested to work on 64-bit Windows variants as well.
CHROMuLAN 0.93 - released
Mainly source code changes enabling experimental project compilation by Free Pascal based Lazarus. More robust reaction to ULF files automatic closing controlled by sequence processing. Enhanced processing of uLOI enumerate communication.

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