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Automatic amino acid analyser AAA 400

Automatic amino acid analyser AAA 400

AAA 400 Automatic Amino Acid Analyser is used for determination of amino acids in protein and peptide hydrolysates, for the dermination of free amino acids in physiological liquids and extracts as well. These characteristics determine AAA 400 for wide use in basic biochemical research of proteins, in research of human and animal nourishment, in medical diagnostics, in testing of drugs etc.

Here is at disposal collection of examples of analyses in format pdf. To view the example analyses is necesary Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe company sites.

The analysis is based on medium pressure ion-exchange chromatography with the colorimetric detection.

The computer controls all processes and secures all checking operations and evaluations of results which can be printed as protocols.

We offer all chemicals and standards necessary for the operation of the instrument.

Technical parameters:

Sensitivity: <50 pmol (S/N=5)
Reproducibility: Retention times: 0.3 %(arg)
Peak area: 1% (ser, gly, his)
Range of use: up to 150 ninhydrine positive substances
physiological standard complete separation of 45 amino acids
Glass column Ø3.7 x 450 mm
- standard life ~8.000 - 10.000 samples
Stainless steel column to order
- standard life ~400 - 1.000 samples
Column temperature control: 20°C – 95°C (increment 0.1°C)
(fast heating and cooling)
Exchange resins:
hydrolyzates Ostion LG ANB
free amino acids Ostion LG FA
Pump system: high pressure non-pulsation pumps
(ninhydrine and buffer pump) (dual plunge, dual flying pistons)
flow range: 0.01 - 20 ml/min (blocked by SW to max. 10ml/min)
pressure range: 0 - 40 Mpa (blocked by SW to max. 20MPa)
Autosampler with sample cooling:
option A 25 x 1.5 ml
option B and C 40 and 80 x 0.5 ml
Two channel photometer: 440 and 570 nm
flow cell volume: standard 5 µl
Ninhydrine reactor: ambient - 150 °C
Cooled ninhydrine storage: 2 l
Pre-column: longlife ammonia filtr (Ostion KS 0804)
Nonstop running without attendance: ~7 days
Controling and data processing: CHROMuLAN free license software (Win NT/2000/XP)
Comunication: RS 485
Power supply: 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
Power input:
-starting 380 VA
-operating 230 VA
-standby 150 VA
Dimensions (w x h x d): 700 x 600 x 550 mm
Weight: 68 kg
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