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High Pressure Pump LCP 5024

High Pressure Pump LCP 5024

LCP5024 and LCP5025 are variants of LCP5020 series of analytical and semipreparative HPLC pumps with enhanced gradient program controll and quaternary gradient system. PiKRON's unique design with "swimming" pistons enables precise delivery of solvents and buffer solution both at low and high pressure. The concept quality is proved by decades of daily service of previous pumps generations with exceptionally low seals and pistons wear level.

Quaternary gradient is realized by the means of one High Pressure Pump and four solenoids valves connected to the low pressure side. Binary gradient, at the high pressure side realized by cooperation of two pumps is available as option.

Display and keyboard provide user comfort for both, manual and automated operation. Besides the time controling of flow rate and gradient pattern, the program can also control additional instrument (autosampler, second pump, etc.).

The pump is designed as an independent device but it can be also used as a part of computer controlled chromatographic station.

BIO-compatible version LCP 5025 is available as well.

Flow: 0.01 to 20 ml/min
Pressure: max. 40 MPa
Pressure limit: 0 to 40 MPa selectable by 1 MPa
Gradient: Quaternary-Low pressure (four solenoid valves)
Binary-High pressure (two pumps)
Time program: Up to 20 individual programs in times from 0 to 640 minutes
Programable parameters: flow rate, concentration, output control signals, program end, send and wait for mark
Communication: RS 485
Output control signals: 4 ( TTL)
Input signals: 2 ( TTL)
Dimension (w x h x d): 240 x 130 x 360 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Power Supply: 110 - 230 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
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