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USB/uLan Analog to Digital Converter - ULAD 31

ULAD31 Analog to Digital Converter

Availability notice: The ULAD 31 is not produced any more, please, look at enhanced ULAD 32 offer. It presents complete electronics redesign after 6 years of sucesfull ULAD 31 production and users satisfaction. The design is based on today technology leading components and offers better signal to noise ration, I/O over-voltage and over-current protections and additional peak selector/solvent recycling functions.

The ULAD 31 is an single channel high resolution analog to digital converter with integrated USB and uLan connectivity. The device has been designed specially for HPLC and other analytical detectors data acquisition use, where resolution is more important than higher data rate. Unique integration with communication interfaces allows to connect device directly to usual desktop computer USB port or to use uLan protocol network to connect multiple ULAD 31 or another devices interconnected by RS-485 based bus. This allows to overcome USB bus wiring length limitation (5 meters) and connect more than ten devices in the range of hundred meters. The ULAD 31 device can provide interfacing function between USB and uLan network or other cards and converters providing uLan interfacing can be utilized (supported PCI cards, uLan-to-USB converters). This allows to use one ULAD 31 to acquire analog data from third party detector and provide control to other PiKRON HPLC devices for example. More third party instruments plugged to the system by connecting another ULAD 31 devices.

The ULAD 31 connected locally by USB means or into ulan networks is directly compatible and recognized by CHROMuLAN HPLC control and data acquisition system. The ULAD 31 connected to USB port can be used to distribute power into up to three more ULAD 31 devices to reduce need of power suplies for these devices.

Quantity Value Units
Supply voltage 5 to 12 VDC
Max. single unit supply current 100 mA
Max. supply current in power distribution mode 500 mA
Absolute max. analog input voltage ±15 V
Number of analog inputs (continuous acquisition) 1
Analog input multiplexer ( 2 ch. ) (optional)
Sampling frequency 10 Hz
Basic input voltage range (gain ×1) ±10 V
Software selectable gain and range reduction ×1,×2,×4, … ,×64,×128
AD converter resolution 18 to 20 bit
Width of input software filter from 1 to 64 samples
Number of digital inputs/outputs 4 / 4
Sample valve position/mark detection Yes
Communication interface RS-485
Protocol uLan
Communication baud rate 19200 Baud

Multiple interconnected ULAD31 devices

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