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Autosampler LCS 5040

Autosampler LCS 5040

The autosampler is designed for automatic performance of the HPLC chromatographs. It transfers the samples from the sealed Eppendorf mikrotubes placed in a cooled holder.

The sample is pumped from the mikrotube into the sample injector loop and, at the determined time, injected into the column. Between the consecutive sample transfers, the loop is flushed and dried. Filing of the sample loop is controled by optical sensors.

Algorithm for the sequence of sample transers can be governed by computer via serial interface RS 232 or, alternatively, RS 485. In cases that the instrument set features no software utilizable for the control of autosampler, the LCS 5040 acts as an autonomous program unit capable of providing logical signals and thus initiating the individal steps of the sampling cycle, including the start data acquisition.

Samples 40 microtubes (vol. 0.5 ml) with pucturable lids
Sample cooling adjustable, from ambient temperature to ambient minus 24°C
Sample loop 5 μl, or it can by customized
Samle consumption total volume of chosen sample loop, plus 30 μl
Operating pressure max 35 MPa
Duration of sample transfer into loop 1 min.
Length of working cycle max 600 min. if controled by autosampler program
Communication RS485 or RS232
Output control signal 4 ( TTL)
Return response 2 ( TTL)
Dimensions (w x h x d) 240 x 260 x 400 mm
Weight 15 kg
Power supply 230 V ±10%, 50 Hz
Power input 100 VA
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