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Sample injection valves SV11, SV12

Sample injection valves SV11, SV12

Six-port sample injection valve SV11 is high pressure model suitable for HPLC use. Valve construction allows both analytical and preparative use. Valve is equipped with needle port and sample loop (standard 20 µl loop).

Sample loop is loaded through the needle port when valve is set to the LOAD position. 60° rotation of the handle, switches valve from LOAD to INJECT. In the INJECT position the mobile phase and sample flows through the loop and onto the column.

Injection valve model SV12 is suitable for switching between two liquid circuits (e.g. using two different columns).

Models SV12 and SV11 vary simply in the rotor seal shape. Modifications of the valve are available on request.

When the valve is mounted onto the console provided, it can become source of the signal pulse (e.g. starting signal of the HPLC programme).

Biocompatible version with Aluminium Ceramics and PEEK wetted surfaces available on request.

Sample loop min. 5 µl
Maximum operating pressure max. 35MPa
Flow passage diameter 0.5 mm
Wetted surfaces 316 stainless steel and PEEK
Tubing and fittings 1/16", UNF10-32
Dimensions diameter 44mm, height 30mm
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