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About PiKRON company

PiKRON s.r.o. is the privately held company. It was formed by developers previously working for more well known Czech producers of laboratory instruments (Chemoprojekt, Laboratory Instruments Prague, Development Workshop of Czechoslovak Academy of Scientists, Mikrotechna Modrany, etc..).

Main goal of the founders was to continue in development and production of laboratory instruments for Czech hospitals, laboratories, academy institutes and industry. An target geographical region and instrument portfolio was spread after interconnection of PiKRON s.r.o with production and trade company INGOS s.r.o. PiKRON continues to be responsible for development of mechanic, electronic and software design, but the most of developed laboratory instruments is produced by INGOS s.r.o..

PiKRON is active in development in other areas too. This is mainly electronic and software development for embedded applications (position and motion control, medical instruments electronic, etc..) PiKRON produces some of these systems other are produced as licensed products by independent companies.

PiKRON s.r.o.