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Motion and Robotic Controller

The LX_RoCoN is complete 4 axes motion/robotic control system for DC, three-phase BLDC/PMSM and two-phase/stepper motors up to 100 Watts. It can be extended by addon top level board to provide application specific hardware and interfaces. One option is an extension board providing four more IRC sensors interfaces. Up to 8 DC motor axes can be controlled in that setup.

LX_RoCoN Boards Stack (PCB kit) (Larger Image)

The system design follows tradition of more previous generations of PiKRON's robotic controllers serving for decades in industrial and education environments. Previous systems examples

The basic configuration of LX_RoCoN consists of two or three boards:

   LX_CPU (120mm x 80mm x 20mm)
     Click to read more about LX_CPU board
     NXP LPC1788/LPC4088 (Cortex-M3/M4F)
512 kB on-chip Flash program memory
Xilinx XC6SLX9 FPGA (with synthetized 50 MHz drivers control coprocessor)
four IRC sensors interfaces with two phases, index and mark differential inputs per axis
32 MB SDRAM on 32 bit bus
8 MB serial Flash
multiple serial ports, one galvanic isolated
ETHERNET 100 Mbit/s interface
USB device and host interfaces
CAN ganvanic isolated interface
5 and 3.3 VDC levels SPI interfaces
I2C, AD converter more pins available for custom applications
LX_PWR (130mm x 100mm x 40mm)
isolated power stage with 16 power outputs/half-bridges up-to to 30 VDC
5 A maximal current and over-current protection
the power stage can drive up-to 4 stepper motors or BLDC/PMSM motors or up-to 8 DC motors or any combination of these types
DCDC converter from 12 up-to 30 VDC to 5 VDC for CPU, 5 VDC for isolated
communications and helper supply for bridges.
unique current measurement system for each controlled output/phase
optional LX_IRC (120mm x 35mm x 12mm)
addon board with four additional IRC sensors interface
LX_RoCoN PCB Stack
LX_RoCoN PCB Stack Connections (PDF file)

The control firmware includes position and velocity per axis control as well as coordinated motion in a axes group selected from all exes (up-to four or eight). The coordinated motion uses linear or up-to 4-th order polynomial interpolation with large segments queue and smooth/limited velocity and acceleration transition between segments. If the trajectory is planed with minimal or no discontinuity of axes tangential velocity between end and following segment start point then motion is smooth and the speed does not lower before arrival into segments joint position.

More complex systems with local keyboard, display, digital and analog I/O control CAN, ETHERNET TCP/IP or RS485 network integration can be prepared on demand.

System can be inbuilt into box of size 120mm x 240mm x 300mm. All motor connectors and some I/O connectors of control electronic kit are accessible at front panel of the box. Power supply can be included in box too.

Some parts of control system can be delivered and used stand-alone. The LX_CPU boards can be used for laboratory instrument or other embedded devices control or for educational purposes.

The complete LX_RoCoN system with 300 Watt switched power supply inbuilt in an enclosures made of metal is provided for laboratory environment or for use as standalone robotic controller unit. System can control upto 8 DC or 4 PMSM/BLDC motors. The axes are paired to allow use alternatives as two DC outputs or one BLDC/PSMS or stepper motor output.

TypePositionPhasesControlREGMODEBoxed LX RoCoN axes
DC motorIRC12x PWM Voltage4AEBFCGDH
StepperIRC24x PWM Voltage2ABCD
StepperIRC24x PWM DQ vector7ABCD
StepperNone24x PWM DQ vector8ABCD

LX_RoCoN Boxed Version
LX_RoCoN as Boxed Version

Source code for the motion controller can be found at GitLab repository https://gitlab.com/pikron/projects/lx_cpu/lx-rocon

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