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Sigle Axis BDLC/PMSM, DC or Stepper Motor Controller

The LMC is compact controller for DC, three-phase BDLC/PMSM or two-phase/stepper motors up to 80 Watts. The electronic has been primary designed to control our HPLC laboratory high precision pumps.

LMC Board and Design

Board parameters:

   LMC (95mm x 60mm x 20mm)
     NXP LPC1768 (Cortex-M3)
512 kB on-chip Flash program memory
single IRC sensors interfaces with two phases, index and mark differential inputs
single power supply 12 to 24 VDC
four power outputs to driver one DC, BLDC/PMSM or stepper motor
3.3 VDC levels serial port (galvanically isolated RS-232 adapter/connector available)
USB device interface
CAN interface (galvanically isolated)
RS-485/uLAN (galvanically isolated)
5 and 3.3 VDC levels SPI interfaces
I2C connector
two analog inputs (one with operational amplifier)
extension board for ETHERNET 100 Mbit/s interface available

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