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Universal Controller Board

The mo_cpu1/MO_CPU2 board was designed to control laboratory instruments, robotic and motion control systems. This board is based at MC68376 microcontroller (most advanced member of MC683xx microcontroller family). It has advantage of on-chip integrated CAN controller, 16 channel 10-bit A/D converter, 16 timing co-processor channels, up to 8 PWM outputs shared with 4 dual action compare/capture submodules, autonomous SPI controller and RS232 UART. The MO_CPU1 boards adds IIC interface and optocouplers for CAN and RS232/485 communication. Up to 2 MB of FLASH memory is used for booting and program code. The FLASH can be programmed by board basic software or through BDM interface. Variables and downloaded code can be stored in 1 MB or 2 MB of fast SRAM memory. Battery is used to backup 32 kB of CMOS SRAM memory and real time clock.

The MC683xx based device has advantage of broad support of compilers, real-time systems and debuggers. A powerful development environment can be build from GNU compilers and debugging tools. Our standard setup is available for Linux system. Cheap implementation of BDM interface is published by one of our developers at CTU university page http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~pisa/. We are able to provide full environment for the MO_CPU1 board for free.

Because we think that it would be shame to use the MO_CPU2 board in narrow area of laboratory instruments, we decided to publish schematic design as public-domain. It can be used as base for hobbyist, university or commercial control systems projects. We are producing and selling the MO_CPU2 board for educational or professional purposes as well.

Board is used in Design of Microprocessor Systems classes at Department of Control Engineering of Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague.

MO_CPU2 schematics
Schematic Diagram of MO_CPU2 (PDF file)

MO_CPU2 block diagram
Block diagram of MO_CPU2 board (PDF file)

PCB components side
Top View to the Placement Diagram of MO_CPU2 (PDF file)

PCB solder side
Bottom View to the Placement Diagram of MO_CPU2 (PDF file)

Board dimensions
Dimensions of MO_CPU2 board. (PDF file)

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